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Label Pocket Frame

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Label Pocket Frame

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ndustrial grade color coded Label Frames protect and identify Label Pockets — creating a highly visual, simple and reliable system for ensuring the right lubricant goes into the right machine every time. Connect frames to equipment via LABEL SAFE™ Magnets or Clamps, or on to OIL SAFE® containers via LABEL SAFE Drum Rings. Suitable for outdoor use.
  • Industrial grade
  • Protects LABEL POCKETS
  • Highly visual for color coding pockets
  • Enables the fixing of Label Safe Magnets to the rear of Frames for quick and replaceable labeling to metal surfaces such as Oil Barrels, Drums, Totes, Plant & Equipment
  • Suitable for outdoor use

Available in:

200009 Yellow
200008 Red
200002 Blue
200005 Light Green
200003 Dark Green
200007 Purple
200006 Orange
200001 Black
200004 Grey
200000 Tan/Beige

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