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DC-ND-35 Non-Desiccant Breather
Part Number: DC-ND-35


Rotating equipment, such as gearboxes, typically generates large amounts of oil mist and vaporized oil, thus contaminating ambient air surrounding machines. The DC-ND-35 Non-Desiccant Breather eliminates particulate contamination and provides longer lubricant and system life.

  • Creates an impenetrable barrier against water droplets
  • Pleated element provides a large surface area and blocks particles from 0.3 micron or larger
  • Coalesces oil mist, preventing contamination of working environment
  • Visual vacuum indicator adapter option actuates when maximum restriction is reached
  • Rugged Nylon 6/6 (33% glass filled) housing
  • Easy installation, requires hand tighten only
Disposable units are sold in cases of 6 each
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