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102000 - Oil Safe Pump

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Oil Safe Pump
Part Number: 102000
The OIL SAFE® Standard Pump is the only manual transfer pump of its kind in the world that is supplied with a removable discharge hose for easy cleaning and drainage.  Perfect for quickly and easily accessing hard to reach and time consuming top up points such as gearbox and transmission applications. 

This high quality down-stroke discharge pump is the most reliable and efficient manual transfer pump on the market and delivers 1 liter for approximately 12 strokes amd comfortably handles up to ISO 320 viscosity fluids (in normal operating temperatures).

Match with an OIL SAFE Utility Lid and a 3, 5, or 10 liter/US quart OIL SAFE Drum.

For smaller filler hole applications add a Pump Reducer Nozzle accessory to the aluminum outlet nozzle of the Pump.

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