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Cartridge Protection Tube - GREASE SAFE

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Cartridge Protection Tube - GREASE SAFE
Part Number: 300000
GREASE SAFE Cartridge Protection Tube protects grease cartridges against damage and weather to preserve the integrity of the grease and avoid damage to grease cartridges that cause grease gun malfunctions.

The Tubes provide a clean, safe method of transporting cartridges from vehicle or shop to the point of use and enables the safe and clean return of used grease cartridges from the work site or work vehicle for safe and environmentally responsible disposal.

To withstand the toughest conditions, the Cartridge Protection Tube has an in-built label holder and is transparent for quick and easy identification of contents so that you can be sure that the correct grease is applied to the correct machine every time.

Tubes are supplied standard with a black Hanging Hook and black Outdoor Paper Content Label. Why not advance further and equip the Cartridge Protection Tube with a colored Hanging Hook to create a color-coded identification system for grease cartridges in the workplace that will match to your grease guns and machinery using the Label Safe identification system.

Use GREASE SAFE Cartridge Rack or Cartridge Caddy for effective storage and transport of Cartridge Protection Tubes in the workplace.

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