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Ventguard Breather w/Bladder
Part Number: DC-VG-4


Ventguard™ Hybrid Breathers are outfitted with check valves to ensure no excess pressure or vacuum builds inside the equipment system. The interior check valves on the Ventguard™ hybrid breather virtually isolate equipment from surrounding contaminants. The Ventguard™ Hybrid Breathers are the ideal for the management of lubricant in:
  • Limited wash-down applications (the Ventguard™ may spend more quickly in a frequent wash-down situation due to the lack of the bladder)
  • Infrequent cycle applications
  • Applications in which the headspace is much larger than the Hydroguard™ breather bladder can maintain
  • Low-flow applications
  • High-humidity applications

Disposable units are sold in cases of 6 each

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