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1/4” O.D. Clear Vinyl (Soft Tubing), 100ft Roll

Your Price: $28.00
Vinyl Tubing
Part Number: OILSUP020-S
Clear PVC Tubing 1/4"OD 1/8"ID, 100ft Roll

This flexible, durable plastic tubing stands up to even the harshest environments and chemicals and works equally well with gases, liquids, and semi-liquids. Its clear design allows for easy visual monitoring of flow.  It can be chemical or thermal bonded and is resistant to bacteria, chemicals, and oxidation.

Other features of this PVC tubing :

  • Smooth & dense bore
  • Suitable for both radiation and gas sterilization
  • Extremely flexible for fast and easy installation
  • Chemical applications
  • Chemical processing
  • Chemical analysis equipment
  • Industrial gas
  • Measurement devices
  • Oxygen lines
  • Vacuum lines

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